Robert B. Cherry, Esq.


For over 40 years, Robert B. Cherry, Esq. has been serving Passaic County, as well as New Jersey Counties in the areas of matrimonial & family law, DUI / DWI and criminal defense and Municipal.

Bob prides himself on the belief that it’s his responsibility to help guide clients through perhaps the most emotional and trying period in their lives, and are given the individual and compassionate attention they’d expect.

Whether it’s a family matter related to divorce or custody, or a criminal matter related to DUI or more serious charges, Bob will always be ready to protect the interest of his clients.

When you hire Bob, you’re hiring a lawyer with experience and understanding that is willing to fight for your rights, whether a misdemeanor defense or an assault and battery case. It is your right to have a Passaic County criminal attorney represent you, even if it’s just for questioning, no matter how trivial you think it may be.

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